Does this sound like you right now?

  • You have low energy or frequent crashes throughout the day

  • Your skin has mystery issues such as hives, rashes, acne, or has aged dramatically

  • You have food sensitivities that keep increasing month to month despite your best efforts

  • Your labwork is "normal" and you have not been given an explanation for why you don't feel great

  • You have tried every diet out there with minimal or no results

  • You are sick and tired of doing test after test and want a solution that works

Dear  Health Seeker,

Imagine Your Life Where:

    • You wake up  energized every day knowing you have a functional body that allows you to achieve your health goals.

    • You trust your gut and have confidence that you are digesting and absorbing your food while spending less time worrying about reactions and sensitivities 

    • You make working on your health effortless by installing the right mindset and learning to prioritize the biggest health needle-movers.

    • You learn to maximize each category of health such as nutrition, sleep, breathing, light management and supplementation.

    • You develop resilience and flexibility to deal with life's biggest challenges and variations in routine such as dietary change while traveling.

    • You can go on that vacation and trust that you have a plan that is comprehensive and preventative.

    • You teach your body how to detoxify from the root level and empower it to maintain it's progress, even with repeated exposures in life. 

    • You get the support you need each and everyday while focusing on the things that matter most, like your friends, family, and loved ones. 

    • ​Your friends and family ask you how did get such amazing results and please teach them how you did it!

    Do You Want To Experience 

    Results Like This? 

    Douglas Ebert

    • Feeling abundant energy and vitality

    • Improving digestion and absorption

    • Eliminating root cause mechanisms that create inflammation

    • Better brain function and focus

    • Looking and feeling your best

    • Learning what foods best support their health goals 

    • A strong sense of community

    • Improved quality of life

    • Decreasing supplements that don't work

    • Learning life-skills that pay off for years to come

    • Timeless wisdom that the whole family benefits from

    • Learning the most effective lifestyle tools

    • Confidence for the future with a maintenance plan 

    Private Online Coaching Group

    Online Educational Video Course To Support Overall Health

    The accompanying course covers all of the foundations of health such as nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, and supplementation

    Advanced Guided

    Supplement Program

    Customized Client Journey

    Your journey starts with a comprehensive 14-page questionnaire to determine blindspots and level of support needed. You will also pick your nutrition journey based on your unique individuals needs

    BONUS #3: LIFETIME Access

    to the Program

    and All Future Updates

    Lifetime access to the online program

    and all future updates. This way, there is no expiry or kick-out date and you can move at your own pace and comfort level




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    How is this program different from other programs?

    What if I am on medication?

    For the vast majority of individuals on medication, the supplements involved in this program just have to be spaced apart by 2 hours. However, it is case-specific. If you are on medication, we will have to evaluate your specific needs before starting the program. 

    What if I am on other supplements?

    Who is eligible for this program?

    Who is this program NOT for?

    This program is for those that deeply value their health, are highly coachable, like accountability, are responsive to positive feedback, and are honest with themselves and others. The goal of this program is to teach life-skills that improve health and this program does not diagnose or treat any sort of disease or diagnosis.

    I have poured my heart and soul into this program to allow you the best opportunity to improve your health. 


    The program was designed to be efficient, comprehensive, affordable, and practical. With all the challenges the world is facing in current times, we need to be empowered to create health from the comfort of your own home without gimmicks and gadgets. 


    This investment can be life-changing and pay off exponentially in the coming few months and for the rest of your life-time. 


    I look forward to meeting you and working with you to co-create great health!